Have moisture problems restricted you from a noteworthy flooring installation?

Too much moisture in the concrete can delaminate any coating or overlay that can lead to mold, warped flooring, or glue-down flooring systems, which can cost building owners, architects, and flooring contractors millions of dollars.  Additionally, some of the issues are sick building syndrome, plasticizer migration, adhesive breaking down, and causing the flooring to release or adhesive to come through the flooring to the surface.

Masso provides the solutions to reduce your liability exposure.

Moisture Testing & pH Testing

〉    The best way to know if your substrate is in a condition to accept new flooring products is to perform moisture testing.  All flooring manufacturers have the moisture limits for each of their products in their installation instructions.  They also have limits for pH of the substrate.  These tests should be done at the same time before installation begins.

〉    There are two types of moisture tests that are recommended by manufacturers.  The first is the ASTM 1869 test and the other is the ASTM 2170.  These two tests have specific instructions and requirements.  We recommend that you use a licensed contractor that follows these instructions and requirements.  Masso adheres to all these requirements and instructions.

    Masso also has more than one product to treat elevated moisture and pH.  We will recommend the most cost-effective processes for the level of pH and moisture in your specific project.

Installing Moisture Mediation Products

Our team has been installing moisture mediation products for over 25 years.  We can install in all types of projects, such as schools, offices, as well as manufacturing and medical buildings.

Let Masso help you achieve a successful flooring installation.  

Moisture Testing & Treatment Certifications

Synthetics Internalional
DriSeal 95 XL Brands
TriSeal XL Brands

For more information or for moisture testing or treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us.